Concrete Experts

Since 1992 Superb Building Products have been providing industry leading concrete products to the building industry. Our range and expertise has made Superb Building Products the concrete contractor of choice across the board. Superb Building Products provide a wide range of concrete products including slabs, bollards, skate park forms, apex finals, and coating solutions. We’re happy to discuss how Superb Building Products can provide the concrete products you need for your project.  

Concrete Products

The range of concrete products at Superb Building Products is vast. Many of our products are customisable for your project. Air conditioner slabs and paver slabs are hard wearing and a popular choice for paving designs and pathways. Our concrete gluts can be custom made to your specifications. Superb Building Products have the ability to produce skate park forms that are popular across the nation.

Superb Building Products is able to provide a range of concrete roofing solutions. From pier caps, lintels, and apex coverings, Superb Building Products has the right solution and finish for you. Superb Building Products also offer a range of coverings for roofing and driveways.  

Car Park Products

Superb Building Products also offers a range of products for car parks. There’s more to a car park than the ground, and Superb Building Products covers you from the ground up. Our concrete and rubber wheel stops come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured to Australian Standards.  They are designed to ensure the wheel stops in a designated position to prevent damage to property.

Speed humps, both premium and aggressive, are available to ensure speed stays low in the car park area or around parks. Coloured wheel stops in blue and yellow are available. The Superb Building Products range is highly visible and ensures the disabled bays can be  clearly marked with Safety Yellow 1650mm long x 100mm high x 165mm wide concrete wheel stops.  Also available are Bright Blue 1650mm long x 100mm high x 165mm wide concrete wheel stops.  All products are manufactured to comply with Australian Standards.